Fertilizer & Nutritional Supplements

Like all living things, plants need food. The following is a list of organic and non-organic fertilizers and nutritional supplements that we typically carry every spring. If you have questions about specific product availability, please give us a call.

Aluminum Sulfate (Bonide, VG) (15% Aluminum Sulfate):  A soil acidifier that will quickly lower the pH of soils for acid loving plants.  Short lived.  Helps Turn Hydrangeas Blue.

Bone Meal (Espoma/Hi-Yield, VG/Prince) (4-12-0) (0-10-0):  All natural source of organic phosphorus and nitrogen.  100% pure with no additives or fillers.  Helps promote blooming, and is essential for the planting of bulbs and perennials.

Bulb Tone (Espoma, VG) (4-10-6):  Perfect for all bulbs.  Rich in bone meal and other natural organics.  Provides complete, balanced feeding.  Organic.

Copperas (Hi-yield, Prince) (Iron Sulphate):  Used for the prevention and correction of plant chlorosis (yellowing of plant leaves) caused by iron deficiency.  Also helps create an acid soil condition.

Nature’s Source (Daniels Plant Food) (BFG) (10-4-3):  An organically based, nutritionally complete plant food, which contains all major, secondary, and minor mineral elements.  Promotes strong plant and root development.  Derived from soybean seeds.  Works as a natural plant growth regulator, if used as a foliar spray, which promotes fuller, stronger plants.  Works great on all plants!

Dried Blood (Espoma, VG) (12-0-0): A safe source of organic nitrogen, which naturally produces more vigorous plants with richer, greener leaves.  A time proven remedy for sickly plants.

Flower-Tone (Espoma, V-G) (3-5-7 + Trace):  An organic, slow release plant food specifically formulated to feed perennials.  Low in nitrogen and rich in potash and trace elements to promote and prolong abundant blooms.

Garden Lime (Espoma, VG):  Use to adjust pH of excessively acid soils.  Superfine grinding allows it to work fast.  Safer to use than hydrated lime.

Garden Gypsum (Espoma, VG):  A fast acting, organic conditioner containing calcium and sulfur that loosens heavy clay soils.  Helps cure damage caused by winter de-icing salts and turf burns caused by pets.

Garden-Tone (Espoma, VG) (4-6-6 + Trace):  An organic, slow release plant food that provides safe, continuous feeding for all vegetables and deciduous plants.

Greensand (Espoma, VG) (0-0-0.1 + Trace):  A minced mineral, rich in the soil conditioning element glauconite.  Contains 6% total potash, 0.1% available immediately.  Also rich in trace elements.  Organic source of potash.  A must for roses and tomatoes.

Holly-Tone (Espoma, V-G) (4-6-4 + Trace):  An organic, slow release plant food formulated for acid-loving plants like hollies, azaleas, evergreens, etc.

Iron Tone (Espoma, VG) (2-1-3, Fe, S + trace):  The safest, most effective way to correct chlorosis caused by iron deficiencies.  Will not stain.  Fast and slow sources of iron.  All natural, environmentally safe (doesn’t contain arsenic or lead) and approved for organic gardening.

Jack’s Classic Acid Fertilizer (Carlin) (12-36-14):  Specially designed for acid-loving annuals like impatiens, begonias, etc.

Jack’s Classic All Purpose Fertilizer (Carlin) (20-20-20):  A balanced blend fertilizer providing general plant health for annual plants.

Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster (Carlin) (10-30-20):  Formulated to provide more flowers and brighter colors for annual plants.  Use in conjunction with All Purpose Fertilizer for optimal results. 

Jack’s Classic Petunia Feed (Carlin) (20-6-22):  Formulated especially for petunias to keep them looking their best throughout the whole season.

Kelp Meal (Dr. Earth, Prince/BFG, Espoma/VG) (1-0-2): Brown seaweed, harvested from cold waters then processed at low temperatures and dried.  An excellent soil conditioner and a rich source of minerals and plant hormones. Organic.

Millorganite (VG) (6-2-0): One of the best green recycling program fertilizers on the market.  A dependable, slow release, organic fertilizer for any use, but especially lawns.

Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed/Kelp Fertilizer (BFG/Prince) (2-3-1 + Trace):  This blend gives you the best of both worlds of both fish and seaweed nutrients, ensuring a complete fertilization program.  Organic and a must for vegetable gardens! 

Osmocote Indoor/Outdoor & Flower and Vegetable Plant Food (VG) (18-6-12):  All-purpose slow release food that lasts up to 9 months.  Simply incorporate into soil and water.

Potash (Espoma, VG) (0-0-60):  An enriched source of potassium, which promotes plant vigor and disease resistance in all flowering plants, shrubs, trees and vegetables.

Rock Phosphate (Espoma, VG) (0-4-0): Pure, mined phosphate rock containing 32% total phosphate, washed free of clay impurities.  Organic.

Root Stimulator (Fertilome, Prince) (4-10-3 + Butyric acid and B1): Better than regular B-1. Contains an amino acid that actually stimulates new white root hair growth.  Use once a month for trees and shrubs the first and second year after planting.

Rose-Tone (Espoma, VG) (6-6-4 + Trace):  An organic, slow release rose food that provides a safe, long-lasting reservoir of nutrients throughout the growing season.  The safe way to prize winning blooms.

Soil Acidifier (Espoma, Bonide VG)An organic elemental sulfur used to lower the pH of soils and allow acid-loving plants to achieve optimum growth.  Long-lasting, highly effective, safe and non-toxic.

Thrive Products (Alpha Biosystems, Prince/BFG) (Beneficial Bacteria & Mycorrhizae):  Thrive products are a liquid blend of plant growth promoting bacteria.  They create a healthy, productive environment that is essential for plant vitality.

  1. Flower Thrive All Root & Bloom
  2. Vegetable & Tomato Thrive

Tomato-Tone (Espoma, VG) (4-7-10):  Based on the recommendation of six university studies.  Designed to produce consistently plump, juicy tomatoes.  Organic.

Tree-Tone (Espoma, VG) (9-5-4):  Specially formulated for planting and feeding shade, fruit and ornamental trees.  Organic.        

Yield Booster for Tomatoes (Fertilome, Prince) (Calcium Chloride):  Helps stop blossom end rot on tomatoes and aids in the setting of fruit by correcting calcium deficiencies.