Trees and shrubs are the foundation plants of all eye-catching yard displays.  Trees and shrubs increase the value of your residential property. They assure privacy from that ‘unsightly’ area and provide sustenance for wildlife. Deciduous trees act as air conditioners and shade canopies for your family and friends when enjoying outdoor barbecues in summer. Deciduous shrubs provide bursts of color and fragrance in Spring, Summer and Fall. Evergreen trees are excellent windbreaks. Evergreen shrubs are the foliage stars during cold and barren Wisconsin winters.  

Trees and shrubs   provide a vital backdrop for perennial and annual flower combinations in your flower beds. Different sizes, shapes, textures and foliage colors of trees and shrubs set the stage for each season’s presentation of containers plantings, hanging baskets, edible gardens, fountains, water features and garden accessories. Trees and shrubs grant us a sense of permanence and act as living memorials for ‘new family members’ and ‘loved ones lost’.    Many of us make a ‘new friend’ with that special tree or shrub we’ve watched grow stronger and taller year after year. Once established, trees and shrubs require limited maintenance for all of us ‘on-the go’ adults.