Spring Edition

Mud puddles, no coats, chirping birds, bulbs starting to pop up again....How sweet the season of spring!!! All of us at Ebert's are SO excited to be planting and getting ready to see everyone out again, as we open on April 15th!

We are looking forward to a few children's participation activities....

Our annual Earth Day Writing Challenge with the theme "Creating a Healthier Tomorrow" is ongoing for 3rd & 4th grade students from now until April 12th, the submission deadline. Each year we are so encouraged by the thoughts and words of our future generation who is working hard to keep our land clean, healthy, and safe. Click here for more details.

 We also LOVE the participation of our yearly spring coloring contest, where the top three winners will plant a wagon garden to take home, with the theme of their choice. It is so much fun, and the ideas have been well thought out and so creative! Look at some of the past winners gardens and click here for the contest details.

An EXTRA special weekend at Ebert's has always been the time we celebrate Mother's Day!  We will offer a "Grab & Go Mother's Day planting Project" for kids to create and plant at home! Click here for details. This will be the weekend of May 8th and 9th.


Lastly, Todd & Copper are ready for spring as well and are happy to announce that Kid's Village will be open again!!!

As it reopens for your enjoyment, please keep in mind the following...

*For a fun and safe experience please social distance yourself from other families

*Please pack your own favorite toys if planning on playing in the sand box or houses

Enjoy the beauty of spring with your family, and remember that each year, season, and day we have together is a true gift! Can't wait to see you soon!


Your Friends at Ebert's Greenhouse

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Copper and Todd