March to May Spring Edition

The beauty of spring runs deep! The beauty of spring through the eyes of a child.... runs even deeper! The colors of a tulip or daffodil bulb emerging from the ground may be the first colors they are learning to identify. These may be the names of flowers they will always remember as their favorites.  The fascination of a robin reluctantly retuning will bring squeals of excitement to a little one who has been patiently waiting to finally see its arrival!  Smelling the lilacs, digging in the dirt, and hunting for worms.....the list is endless- and OH SO EXCITING! 

You as parents can continue to foster the natural exploration of children in this season of spring, and we can't wait to help in a small way as well!  We are looking forward to the fun, creative, and educational kid's activities and events that we are planning in April and May!  It really is hard to pick a favorite!  From Fairy Gardens, to community outreach for Memorial Day Weekend, and planting the cutest containers for Mothers Day in between, we encourage you to join us!  Check out the link to all the events as we look forward to making new memories with all of you!

Yes, we have to be very patient to be a Wisconsin gardener, but here's a little inspiration to start planting right now with your young gardeners in the meantime!   Also, make sure to check out Buddy's new picture and video of his "tricks" to help bring about warmer weather a bit sooner!

Happy spring- and let's all continue to see this season of new life through the "eyes of a child!"

Thank you & blessings to you!

All of your friends at Ebert's Greenhouse Village


Kid's Indoor Seed Starter Activities

FIRST: Pick your container! Some fun container ideas could be......

*biodegradable egg cartons

*egg shell halves

*bottoms of milk containers

*flat bottomed ice cream cones (can transplant cone and all eventually outside)

SECOND: Pick your seeds and a way to label what you plant...

*cut out pictures from plant magazines to glue on to containers

*use sharpie markers and popsicle sticks to label and stick in the soil

THIRD: Start planting...

*Use good, rich potting soil

*make sure you have a tray to set the containers on to prevent spills

*after planting, place by a sunny window sill

* Enjoy watering carefully and seeing them grow until the outdoor transplanting can take place!

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  • Spring Coloring Contest
    Every year Ebert's hosts a coloring contest for kids ages 2-10. Please stop by the Gift Shoppe to pick up a copy or print out the attached document and following the directions.

Buddy's Tricks

Buddy showing off some of his tricks as he gets ready for spring!