Summer Edition

WELCOME to SUMMER!  It certainly has arrived quickly this year!  Who doesn't love the warmer weather and longer days to play more than kids? …And, let's face it, us big kid's too! What a blessing to finally enjoy outside fun, which can include SO many things. I am sure that swimming, planting, camping, hiking, vacationing, relaxing at home with a good read, and so much more are on many families’ agendas.

By now, your family garden and flower beds have been planted, which is wonderful!  If your child does not have his or her own special little section or container already, why not add a small theme garden of their choice.  Theme gardens with children can be as simple as one small container or a section in the garden, but the fun is "going with what they are REALLY into!"  It can be a movie, a favorite book, frogs, dinosaurs, sports, unicorns, Disney, a favorite animal.  The key is, whatever they like, and a LOT of creativity!  Any plants can create miniature trees, flowers can be used to correlate with the theme colors, succulents can be used to create "Jurassic" or "under the sea" areas, rocks, sand, and twigs can make pathways, beaches or bridges, and the dollar store offers endless ideas for the "tchotchkes" to bring the theme alive and place in their container or garden section. Once your child/children start growing a "theme garden," they will want to change the theme from year to year, but certainly look forward to planting one every year. This is such a great way to add to summer learning and fun!

Now, we  are excite to share our 2021 spring coloring contest winners with you and the "themes" that they are choosing to plant in their wagon garden that they will be taking home to enjoy this summer.

Congratulations to our 2021 Spring Coloring Contest Winners....

* 4 year old winner Emerson Lach planted a "Princess themed wagon!"

* 7 year old winner Walter Kanzenbach is planting a "Dinosaur themed wagon!"

* 10 year old winner Ada Uhler is planting a "Turtle themed wagon!"

Pictures of the creative finished theme wagons will be featured here soon!

Todd and Copper would like to remind everyone to have a fun and safe summer!

We can't wait to see you soon!  Come out and bring a picnic lunch or snack and your sand toys, and visit Kid's Village.

Thank you to everyone who visited us in the past! We appreciate it so much and look forward to fall fun at our garden center to come!

Your friends at Ebert's Greenhouse Village