Earth Day Writing Challenge

February 23 through April 12, Ixonia, WI

This annual event is a wonderful way for teachers to encourage their students to think on a deeper level about how we should treat the earth, nature, and our environment.  It challenges them to relay their thoughts in poetry OR essay form. This writing challenge will be offered to 3rd and 4th-grade students.  With many opportunities beginning at the middle school level, we wish to encourage slightly younger students to use their creative thinking skills, enhance their thoughts on how to create a healthier tomorrow, and build their confidence- not only in their writing skills but in themselves and what they can accomplish.

W1795 Fox Rd
Ixonia, WI 53036

Event Category
· Gardening education

Contest Guidelines

*Offered to 3rd and 4th grade students

*Students can choose to submit a poem (for example...Haiku, Acrostic, Rhyming) or an essay, in ANY form or type they wish to explore

*Students entries please include name, grade level, school

*Teachers please include the best contact information for  communicating entry results

*Pictures on the entry page are not required, although many students do add some (either hand-drawn, or computer images).  Again, they are not required but can add to the overall presentation.

*Send in to:  Ebert's Greenhouse Village W 1795 Fox Rd. Ixonia WI 53036 ATTN: Renee Ebert  OR teachers may bring them in marked -"Earth Day Writing Challenge" ATTN: Renee Ebert postmarked or received by Wednesday, April 12th

*Feel free to email any


Contest Timeline:

*Ongoing now through Wednesday, April 12th

*Monday, April 12th all poems and Essays due

*Winners notified by Monday, April 17th

*Winners pick up their awards either Saturday April 22th or Sunday April 23th at Ebert's Greenhouse Village

Winner's Award Kit: An award kit will be given out to the top three winners of each of the poetry and essay divisions. We encourage teachers to give recognition to any winners they may have in their class, by sharing the information in their school/classroom newsletters!  With parental permission, we will take a picture and recognize the winners on Ebert's website, newsletter, social media, and local newspapers.

Awards will include:

*Award certificate, laminated copy of the entry to keep

*Cash awards for each division: First place $20-Second place $15-Third place $10

*A coupon to pick out a 4.5" plant

*An upcycled garden kit to take home and plant

We are so excited to read the entries! Thank you for taking part in this challenge and for your continued support of Ebert's Greenhouse Village!  Good luck to all participants and have fun!

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Earth Day Writing Challenge