Spring Edition

As this entry is being written the anticipation to spring is building, with March 20th being the official first day! As we anxiously await  planting our gardens, spotting the first robin, longer days, and warmer weather, we can all feel the excitement!

We can't wait to see everyone as we get ready to host some of our favorite activities/event for kid's which include: Earth Day weekend (April 23rd & 24th), Mother's Day weekend (May 7th & 8th), and our yearly spring coloring contest! The wonders of gardening and the responsibilities of growing healthy plants can be nurtured, as each of these kid's events involve planting of some kind either on site or at home! Please visit our events to see details for each!

To build even more excitement for the planting season, here is a list of a few fun things you can do together as a family....

Clay Pot Projects-Use clay pots to paint or decorate- fairy houses, toad abodes, lighthouses (several glued together), cute plant people (grow their hair), gnomes, frogs, bumble bees, caterpillars, or specially designed clay pot containers for planting and giving as gifts or to be kept at home. Here's a great website for ideas (and there's many more)!

Theme Gardens-Make a list of all the plants and materials needed to make a fun garden which could include themes such as- rainbow, fairy, alphabet, touch & smell (sensory garden), pizza (grow vegetables & herbs to make pizzas), favorite color, initials, hideaway (beanpole teepee, sunflower house), dinosaurs, construction zone, or favorite movie or sports gardens.

Backyard Fun & Learning- Set up one of the following on a large or small scale depending on your outdoor space- garden tic-tac-toe or hopscotch, a nature scavenger hunt or an obstacle course, a worm farm, compost bin, or a nature shelter (safe place for birds/squirrels to eat or rest). Here's an interesting resource for more ideas.

Enjoy the wonderful blessings of spring with your family, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Your friends at Ebert's Greenhouse Village

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Buddy is looking good this spring too! Not only does he know how to sport his shades, but he will be eleven years old April 1st! How is this paw-sible?