Winter Edition

Winter in Wisconsin is magical in the eyes of a child as they wait and watch. They wait for the first snow fall, and then watch the flakes flutter to the ground. They wait for the warm cozy nights inside the house, then watch classic Holiday movies or pages turn as parents read them their favorite books of the season. They wait for Christmas, as they watch the bright festive lights with wide eyed wonder during family car rides at night.

At Ebert's we have to wait and watch as well!  We wait for our Christmas trees, poinsettias, lights, and displays and we watch a little more each day as it transforms from fall to winter! We feel thankful and blessed that thousands of children from so many schools came out for fall field trips and pumpkins, and visit with their parents and grandparents for fun activities. Now we are waiting for the Christmas fun to begin, and are excited to share what we will be offering starting Saturday, December  4th and Sunday, December 5th for children to enjoy in the Field House Greenhouse, transformed into the North Pole! We even have a seminar planned for kid's to create a Christmas container of their own the end of November! 


Saturday, December 4th & Sunday, December 5th-Kid's Christmas Projects/Activities

*North Pole Polar Bear Grab and Go Christmas Crafts--Make a festive polar bear out of a sparkly spray painted pinecone and pre cut felt pieces! You supply a marker and craft glue at home and we supply the rest! ($3 while supplies last)

*Santa's Mailbox--Bring a letter or picture to mail to Santa at the North Pole mailbox! There are two sample letters below that you can print out for your child, if you would like to. There is one for younger writers and one for older writers. (Please submit by December 17th...Santa can't wait to write back!)

*Kid's Care Coloring Project--Help send out some Christmas cheer by decorating this "Merry and Bright" coloring page to be distributed to the community. Your coloring sheet will be given to someone in the community who lives in a local assisted living home, is homebound, lonely, or ill. Please return by December 17th in order for the recipients to receive and enjoy them before Christmas! You may either turn it in here at Ebert's after coloring it in our field house children's area or do it at home to return back in person or mail in.  (See below or click here)

*The Legend of Mistletoe and the Christmas Kittens-Written by Joe Troiano and read by story teller Renee Ebert  

This story is a favorite here at Ebert's for sure!  Todd and Copper (Ebert's Greenhouse Cats), agree that this sweet story of Mistletoe rescuing the lost kittens has to be told again this year as it hits home for them!

Times: Told 11:30am and 2:30pm both Saturday & Sunday December 4th/5th (storytelling will be held this weekend only)


Ebert's sweet FURRY FRIENDS are getting ready for Christmas too!!!!



Tree decorating-Have the kids help by stringing popcorn ropes, making homemade ornaments or adding candy canes or decorated pinecones hung with bright ribbon.  Dry and spray paint hydrangeas or other treasure from the garden such as grasses or birch twigs to stick into open spaces in your Christmas tree.

Keep a smaller artificial tree all year round-This is a great way to have your family decorate for the various seasons. For example, add homemade hearts for February, or plastic eggs in April.  Write friends’ and family members’ names on construction paper to hang and take a name a week down.  This person would then get something special done for them or given to them!

 Do some cooking together-Cook favorite recipes as a family or if your kids are old enough old have them plan a meal or part of a meal to bake!  They will be so proud and may even want to surprise you!

*Here is a favorite of ours to try that is easy and can be used as either a dessert or a side to a meal for a special treat!

Cookie Fruit Salad

What you need:

 *buttermilk (1 cup)     

 *1-8 oz carton cool whip

*1 pkg 3.5 oz vanilla instant pudding

*1 can of mandarin oranges (drained)

*other fresh or canned fruit such as strawberries, pineapples (drain fruit if canned-wash and cut if strawberries)

*16 chocolate striped cookies, broken into pieces

What to do:             

Mix buttermilk and pudding with mixer. Add cool whip and fold in oranges or other fruit. Cover and put in refrigerator for several hours before eating.  Add broken cookies before serving.  Enjoy!


We can't wait to see you out soon to celebrate the winter season ahead.  Make more family memories and traditions this winter as each day is a gift!

Your friends at Ebert's Greenhouse Village

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