Earth Day Activities

April 27 through April 28

Ebert's will host educational and fun activities through exploring nature, recycling, and planting.  We would love to have your kid's join us as we celebrate our earth that we are so thankful for! Activities we are hosting include:

Event Category
· Kids' Events

*Earth Day Sun Catchers- Kid's will design earth day graphics (trees, reduce and reuse symbols, etc.) on plastic being reused from fruit and vegetable containers. Their designs will be tied on a tree stick to hang indoors or outside at your house.  Free Activity

*Nature Scavenger Hunt- Ebert's is a natural setting for kid's to explore and hunt for fallen flower petals, small rocks, twigs, pinecones, leaves, etc.  Why not have them participate in this hunt as you shop or as a separate fun part of your trip out?  Kid's will be given picture clues and an item to collect their finds in. When they return to show us what they found, they can pick out a prize from our "treasure box!" Free Activity

*"Gardens to Go"- This cute recycled miniature garden will be made out of egg cartons, small plants, and other unique finds that kids love (such as miniature toy bugs, shells, twigs, etc) $3

*Earth Day/Spring T-Shirt Design-Kid's small, medium, and large plain white T's are waiting to be full of color and creativity when your kid's create a design with fabric markers to make their own t-shirts to wear! Make them for a $5 cost- Come back for our "Family Fun" Weekend (June 1st & 2nd), and your child/children can do all of the event activities free of charge!

*Sunday April 28th at 1pm-Awards Presentation for Earth Day Poetry& Essay Winners -Winners selected from 3rd and 4th grade participants from area schools will read their award winning entries and receive their certificates, plants and monetary prizes.  For more information, teachers of third and fourth grade students please see contest guidelines at this link.

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