Meet the Team

Anne Marie Adams

Marketing/Customer Service Specialist

Anne Marie Adams works closely with Mark, Jake, Renee, and Shannon to coordinate marketing, PR, and various other promotional efforts. Anne helps ensure that the highest level of service is provided for every guest who visits Ebert’s.

Scott Berther


Scott is in his sixth year at Ebert’s. He brings his extensive flower and plant knowledge to the Village. He is currently the assistent to the head grower. From production to when the plants are ready for sale, Scott has been part of the entire process. Whether it's water, trimming, spacing, or controlling pests, he is part of all aspects of growing the beautiful plants. One of his favorite parts of the job is helping customers - going above and beyond to make sure each guest gets the right plant for the right area. He helps ensure that the colors, textures, and light needs match the area they'll be planted in.

Amber Christian

Social Media Specialist

Amber is such a joy to work with. Her radiant smile and cheerful “Hello everyone!” lights up the room and makes everyone feel better. Her talents and versatility are evident in fairy garden creations, displays, many Pinterest boards, Instagram pictures, creative Facebook posts, and Youtube videos.

Mark Ebert


Mark Ebert owns and operates Ebert’s Greenhouse Village. Mark discovered his passion for flowers and the outdoors at age nine when he stared helping his dad and brother start a vegetable farm and greenhouse. 

Renee Ebert

Public Relations/Kid's Events Coordinator

Renee Ebert has been with Ebert’s Greenhouse since 1991 when she married into the Village, so to speak! After marrying Mark, Renee has been actively involved in the Village projects ever since.

Buddy Ebert


Hi!  I'm Buddy, Ebert's Golden Retriever!  I am five years young and my birthday is April 1st, but I'm no joke!  I love attention and if I see you out by us I will most likely stop and see if you give me a quick pet!

Shannon Heinecke-Mallow

Events Coordinator

A love for gardening drew Shannon to Ebert’s – she had wanted to work here ever since her mom started bringing her here when she was a little girl.  “Working here is like having a second family, and the surroundings are beautiful – who could ask for more?”  She enjoys working many departments including annuals and vegetables as well as planting delicious herb containers!   Shannon coordinates our many fun events here at Ebert’s – her favorite is Ladies Night Out, and when the “lil’ bud’s come for Spring Fling and Family Fun Weekend.

Sandy Hoffman

Annual Specialist

Sandy has a good sense of humor and can often be heard laughing as you approach a greenhouse where she is working. Her duties include planting, displays, and helping guests.

David Kroll

Business Manager

David Kroll has been part of the operations at the Village for over 25 years.  He grew up on a dairy farm in Oconomowoc and worked with his cousins Mark and Ron Ebert while going to school when Ebert's was still a truck farm. Currently he works as the Controller / Business Manager for Ebert's.  David and his wife Terri have two daughters (Kelly and Brianna).  In his free time, David enjoys playing basketball, softball, and watching his girls participate in extracurricular activities.

Heather McGuire

Landscape Designer

Heather is a registered landscape designer who enjoys helping our guests create a colorful outdoor living space, with the perfect plants to suit their lifestyle.  In the 3 years she has been on the Ebert’s team, she has also been involved in planting perennials, assisting customers with their selections in the tree and shrub department and really enjoys spending time with her fellow team members.

Jacob Mertins

Gift Shoppe Manager

Jacob "Jake" Mertins enjoys working in all departments at Ebert's Greenhouse Village. He loves being able to work outside and spend time with other gardening enthusiasts. He manages the Gift Shoppe and is responsible for training cashiers and overseeing the merchandising of hard goods. Additionally, he helps with spring production, coordinating fall field trips, and works with Anne and Amber in developing high quality content for our Newsletter, Website, and various social media outlets.

Deb Moosreiner

Perennial Specialist

Deb has only been with Ebert’s for a few years but is already making a big difference. She assists Lloyd in overseeing trees and shrubs as well as working with perennials and wherever else is needed. She enjoys the camaraderie shared among coworkers, the hands on approach of Mark and Ron, and being able to do what she is passionate about.

Diane O'Brien

Container Planting Specialist

Diane O’Brien is a familiar face around Ebert’s Greenhouse Village. She has a key element of the business for more than 20 years, specializing in guest assistance, sales, and care of plants.

Jared Putz


Jared is in his second year at Ebert’s and is a key person on the growing team. In many ways Jared felt like he grew up here since he often shopped for flowers with his parents. It seemed only natural to work here when the opportunity arose. He says, “Ebert’s is a place where I can work outdoors and help grow plants with people and for people who appreciate them.” He likes learning more every day about plants and soaking up information from his knowledgeable co-workers.

Bambi Schmitt


Bambi has been part of the Ebert’s family for a combined total of 12 years, “Something told me I had to apply” she thought, when she answered the ad.  Her primary responsibilities include purchasing gifts and garden accents for Ebert’s Gift Shoppe and she has an extraordinary talent for demonstrating the rustic quaint message in the displays the exhibited in all areas of Ebert’s Greenhouse Village.  Her favorite thing about Ebert’s is the opportunity every day to share kind words and cultivate relationships with our guests – she has a genuine concern and interest in the lives of the people that visit us!

Jesse Siegenthaler

Systems Manager

“Business owners that treat their team members like family and take pride in their contribution to the community and green industry” is what brought Jesse to Ebert’s.  In the 11 years he has shared his many talents with us, what he enjoys most is the ability to help out in so many areas of the business.  He is instrumental in building and vehicle maintenance, production in early spring as well planting and landscaping our guest’s outdoor living spaces the remainder of the season.  His kind, gentle manner is appealing to those who visit Ebert’s and his fellow team members as well.

Lloyd Tess

Perennial/Nursery Manager

Lloyd Tess brings many years of experience to the trees, shrubs, and perennial department. He came to Ebert's because it looked like a fun place to work and was always interested in plants. He says that working at the Greenhouse allwed him to, "work with great people and great customers." He adds with a smile, "Pot luck and Donna's cookies are always worth coming in for!"

Mike Timm

Herbs/Vegetables Manager

As head horticulturist, it wasn’t by chance that Mike became known as “The Plant Man.” It’s been said that if he doesn’t know it… well, that really doesn’t happen. He has a strong passion for plants and says, "God's creation has always astounded me, especially plants!"

Sara Weinkauf

Annual Specialist

Sara Weinkauf helps Diane with designing and planting custom potting orders. She also is a big part of planting and trimming annual flowers in spring as well as other plant care throughout the summer and fall.

Jason Wenninger

Head Grower

Jason is the head grower at Ebert’s Greenhouse. He very excited about being part of the team and sharing what he’s learned about plants. He came to Ebert’s because of the drive and promise of creating a superior product and the ability to teach people how to grow beautiful plants.

Robin White

Perennial Specialist

In addition to her love of growing plants and flowers, Robin has an artful eye for creating mosaics from recycled materials as well as a talent for putting together beautiful flower arrangements.  Her schooling includes horticulture, landscaping and a variety art classes.

Donna Willing

Annual Specialist

Donna Willing never stands still. Whether it’s planting, training new co-workers, organizing plants, or putting together containers, she is always fast and efficient.