Jared Putz

Jared Putz


Jared is in his second year at Ebert’s and is a key person on the growing team. In many ways Jared felt like he grew up here since he often shopped for flowers with his parents. It seemed only natural to work here when the opportunity arose. He says, “Ebert’s is a place where I can work outdoors and help grow plants with people and for people who appreciate them.” He likes learning more every day about plants and soaking up information from his knowledgeable co-workers.

Jared doesn’t have any formal education when it comes to growing plants, however, he worked on a few organic produce farms over the past few years. He has a degree in Anthropology which left him with a desire to work with people and learn how they connect with plants.

In his free time, Jared loves spending time with his wife gardening and being outdoors as much as possible. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, foraging for wild edible plants, canoeing, and swimming.


Bachelors: Anthropology, UW-Oshkosh