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Fungicide & Disease Control

Copper Soap Fungicide (Bonide, VG) (Copper Hydroxide):  Easy and effective control of blackspot and powdery mildew on roses and listed diseases on vegetable, fruit trees, flowers and shrubs.  Effective on tomato blight, anthracnose and rust.

*Earth Tone Garden Fungicide/Disease Control (Espoma, VG) (Copper Octanoate):  Can be used on all plants including vegetable.  A truly organic form of Copper fungicide.  Broad spectrum control and good for early and late blight.

Fung-Onil (Bonide, VG) (Chlorothalonil/Daconil): Controls numerous diseases on roses, flowers and vegetables.  The only fungicide that will help fight and control blights on tomatoes and Anthracnose on ornamentals.

Lime Sulphur Spray (Hi-Yield, Prince) (Lime & Sulphur):  Provides excellent dormant and summer fungus and bacterial clean-up and control on shrubs, roses, fruit and shade trees.  Controls scab, powdery mildew, scale and others.  Excellent for use on plants with rust problems.

Liqui-Cop (Monterey, VG) (Copper-N):  A spray for disease prevention on fruit trees, vegetables, and ornamentals.  Weather proof and does not require a sticker. Organic.

Fungus/Disease/Insecticide Combo

Bayer 3-in-1 Insect, Disease & Mite Control (Bayer, VG):  Kills insects including aphids and Japanese beetles, cures and prevents disease, and controls mites.  Systemic rain-proof protection that lasts 30 days.

Dormant Oil (Hi-Yield, Prince) (Unsulfonated Oil):  Controls over wintering insects.  When used as a dormant spray, controls and kills scale on shrubs and ornamentals; also suffocates egg masses.  Great on fruit trees.  Can also be used as a summer spray.  Also suffocates fungal spores.

Earth Tone 3 in 1 Disease and Insect Control (Espoma, VG) (Pyrethrin and Sulfur):  Kills fungus, insects and mites.  Proven superior to neem and other naturals.  Organic.

Fruit Tree Spray (Fertilome, Prince) (Neem Oil plus Pyrethrins):  A dual purpose spray that controls both insects and fungal diseases on fruit trees and other ornamental plants.  Insects controlled:  aphids, mites, coddling moth, pear psylla, Japanese Beetles and others.  Diseases controlled:  scab, fruit spot, brown rot, blossom blight and botrytis.  Less harmful to bees than Carbaryl sprays.  Extremely concentrated:  use 1 oz. per gallon of water.  Organic. 

Garden Dust (Bonide, VG) (Copper, Rotenone):  A specially formulated, completely organic, general purpose product designed for use as a dust or spray on vegetables, fruits and flowers.  Colored green to blend with foliage.

Fungus/Insecticide/fertilizer Combo

All-In-One Rose and Flower Care (Bayer VG) (9-14-9) (Imidacloprid & Tebuconazole): Three systemic products in one. Insect protection, disease controls and fertilizer. No spraying, just mix with water and pour at base of roses. Lasts 6 weeks.