Insecticides can be a great way to control and/or eliminate the six-footed pests in the garden. We carry both organic and non-organic solutions. Please call for specific product availability.

Bonide House Plant Systemic Granules (Bonide, VG):  A systemic insecticide that kills insects such as aphids, leaf minors, scales and other listed insects.  Designed for use in containers and houseplants.

Borer, Bagworm, Leaf miner & Tent Caterpillar Spray (Fertilome, Prince) (Spinosad):  A natural, organic, bacterial insecticide for use on caterpillars (larva of moths), such as hornworms, loopers, and gypsy moth.  Non-toxic to humans, pets and beneficial insects.  More broad spectrum than Bt.  Also works on beetle larva.

PureDE Crawling Insect Control (Diasource) (100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth):  Natural contact insecticide that works by causing abrasions on insects as they come in contact, resulting in loss of body fluids, then dehydration.  Safe on earth worms.  Effective on snails, slugs, ants, earwigs and other crawling insects.  Organic.

Dipel Dust (Fertilome, Prince) (Bt):  Kills insect larva (caterpillars) biologically.  Contains Bacillus thuringensis, a natural bacteria that causes larva to stop feeding immediately.  A Garden Dust which can be used on hornworms, gypsy moths and more up to day of harvest.  Organic

Earth Tone Insect Control (Espoma, VG) (Natural Pyrethrins & Canola Oil):  A truly organic insecticide for general use.  Kills all stages of insects.  Can be used up to day of harvest.

Earth Tone Insecticidal Soap (Espoma, VG) (Potassium salts of fatty acids):  Kills bugs on contact.  Great for organic gardening.  Can be used up to day of harvest.

Milky Spore Grub Control (St. Gabriel Labs, VG):  A safe and simple way of treating white beetle grubs, including Japanese beetles grubs.  Once applied it actually multiplies in your soil, giving you permanent control.    When larva is not around, it remains dormant in your soil till they appear again.  Organic. 

Optrol (Plant Care Science):  The best treatment for emerald ash borer for large or smaller trees.  Other products are designed to work on smaller trees and shrubs.  One 8 oz. bottle is equal to four 32 oz. bottles of any of the others. 

Power Force Ant/Multi-insect Killer (Bayer, VG) (Cyfluthrin):  A non-organophosphate formula that eliminates ants, earwigs and 28 other insects for up to 30 days in your garden.  Ready-to-spread granules that work extremely quick.  Safer to use than other products on the market.

Sevin Bug Killer (VG) (Carbaryl):  Kills over 100 insects on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and lawns.  Provides excellent control of leaf eating and sucking insects and is the best product to use on edibles for Japanese Beetles.

Sluggo Plus (Monterey, VG) (Iron Phosphate, Spinosad)Contains iron phosphate and is safe to use around pets and wildlife.  This product is labeled for use in vegetable gardens.  An organic product, it breaks down into fertilizer.  Snail and slug control at its best.  Great for hosta beds.  Plus contains Spinosad, a natural bacterium that can also kill earwigs, etc. 

Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench (Fertilome, Prince) (MERIT):  A systemic insecticide designed for trees and shrubs.  Just mix with water and apply to base of tree or shrub.  Protects up to 12 months.  Controls Emerald Ash Borers, plus other insects, on smaller trees and shrubs.  No More spraying!