Please call for specific product availability.

Brush Killer Plus (Bayer, VG) (Triclopyr, Triethylamine Salt 8.8%):  Kills tough brush to the roots, including Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Berry Brush and other woody vegetation – plus kills stumps.

Crabgrass Killer (Bayer, VG) (enoxaprop-a-ethly):  Kills crabgrass to the root, even established patches, and is rain proof in one hour.  Won’t harm existing turf grass.  Best to use in the spring.

Espoma 4 in 1 Weed Control (Espoma, VG) (Ammoniated soaps of fatty acids, Maleic hydrazide):  Non-selective – Kills weeds, grasses, moss and algae. Features natural & food safe synthetic actives.  See results in hours.  Prevents re-growth for up to 6 weeks.  Natural, Organic.

Grass-B-Gon (Ortho, VG) (Fusilade):  Grass killer for use around ornamentals, ground covers, evergreens and other landscape plants.  Kills unwanted grasses without harming your ornamentals.  Be careful when using around ornamental grasses.

Killzall Weed & Grass Killer Super Concentrate (Hi-Yield, Prince) (Glyphosate):  A non-selective systemic weed and grass killer that will eliminate undesirable vegetation, roots and all, in and around lawns, driveways and other areas where total weed control is needed.  Do not spray near desirable vegetation or use with caution.

Preen (Lebanon, VG) (Pre-emergent):  Provides pre-emergent weed and grass control in flower beds, around trees, shrubs and mulched areas.  Provides excellent control when applied prior to mulching of planted areas.

Preen & Green+Fertilizer (Lebanon, VG) (Pre-emergent) (10-17-9):  A two-way product that feeds with a high quality plant food and at the same time prevents many broadleaf and grassy weeds from starting.  Provides weed control and feeds existing plants.  Good in large mulched beds.

Preen & Green for Vegetable Gardens (Lebanon, VG) (Corn Gluten):  A pre-emergent organic weed suppressor for the eatable garden.  Natural Corn Gluten product.

Roundup Plus (VG) (Glyphosate):  A non-selective weed and grass killer that eliminates unwanted vegetation on sidewalks, driveways, etc.

Roundup Extended Control (VG) (Glyphosate & Imazapic):  Same effectiveness as the regular Roundup but includes a weed preventer which keeps weeds from coming back for up to 3 months.

Weed Free Zone (Fertilome, Prince) (2, 4-D, MCPP, Dicamba, Carfentazone):  Provides rapid and effective broadleaf weed control with visible results within 24 hours of application.  Superior results even in cool weather.