Ornamental Onion - Allium 'Serendipity'

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Allium 'Serendipity'

Ornamental Onion
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  • »  Globe-like, rosy-purple flowers top attractive blue foliage. Fragrant Flower
  • »  Fragrant Foliage
  • »  Drought Tolerant

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The word "serendipity" means an unexpected occurrence, and what a fitting name for this sport of the popular 'Millenium'! The sport shares all of the qualities that made 'Millenium' great, but with attractive blue foliage. Globe-like, rosy-purple flowers match the parent and are produced profusely in mid to late summer. When crushed, the leaves will emit a smell of onion. Butterflies and honeybees adore the flowers' sweet nectar but deer and rabbits steer clear of this perennial beauty.

15 - 20 Inches
10 - 15 Inches
4 - 8
Attracts ButterfliesAttracts PollinatorsBorder or BedContainerCut Flower/FoliageDrought Tolerant