Rose Mallow - Hibiscus 'Mars Madness'

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Hibiscus 'Mars Madness'

Rose Mallow
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Dark olive green leaves have copper highlights, with the newest leaves emerging coppery purple. The large, maple-like leaves are broadly smooth and form a full, billowy habit. Huge 6-8” flowers open flat and are magenta red in color, more on the pink side of the spectrum than ‘Cranberry Crush’. Each flower has a small, darker red halo with overlapping petals and deeply impressed veins. Flowers are produced from the top to the bottom of the plant, rather than only at the top like some older cultivars.

  • »  Large 6-8”, magenta red flowers
  • »  Blooms contrast against dark olive green, maple-like foliage
  • »  Forms a full, billowy clump

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4 - 5 feet
6 - 6.5 feet
4 - 9
Attracts Humming-birdsAttracts PollinatorsBorder or BedLong BloomingFull SunPartial Sun