Allium cepa 'Red Marble'

Onion, Cipollini

Quite a versatile onion, Red Marble can be planted close together for a unique, red pearl onion, or spaced farther apart for a zippy, full-sized cipollini that is quite the rage amongst the culinary crowd. Squat bulbs are 1 1/2–2 inches wide by 1 inch high. It also has great, long term storage ability with excellent red color throughout and strong skins. Long-day type.

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Onion, Cipollini Growing and Maintenance Tips

Onions prefer light, sandy, loamy soils, so the most successful onions are grown in well-prepared, well-dug, and well-drained soil with plenty of added organic matter and lots of sunshine.

Allium cepa 'Red Marble' Characteristics


  • Sun Tolerant