Allium schoenoprasum


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Type:  Perennial          

Soil:  Rich, well-drained soil; likes open spaces.

Useful Parts:  Leaves.

Growth HabitGrass-like with purple flowers.

Harvest Method:  Don’t use scissors; instead use fingers to pick leaves at the base. 

Handling:  Doesn’t dry well without loosing color or flavor.  Fresh should be frozen in ice cube trays or can be frozen with a little water in a plastic bag.

Uses:  Use to flavor food when a garlic or onion taste is desired because it is easier on the stomach, add at the last minute or they will lose their flavor on long cooking; chives stimulate the appetite, have a tonic effect on the kidneys and are said to lower blood pressure; are a source of calcium which helps to strengthen nails and teeth; important factor in achieving natural beauty.


12 in


12 in

Hardiness Zone:

4 - 8

Allium schoenoprasum Characteristics


  • Sun Tolerant