Photo Courtesy of Iseli Nursery

Ginkgo biloba 'Mariken'

Ginkgo, Mariken

The compact, bushy Ginkgo biloba ‘Mariken’ was discovered in 1995 as a witch’s broom growing in a Ginkgo tree in the Netherlands. It has proven an excellent find, descended with the unique history of the species, with the same fan-shaped green leaves that turn bright yellow in fall. But ‘Mariken’ stays very small, its thick, spreading branches loaded with a dense arrangement of foliage. The slow-growing, deciduous conifer makes a high-interest architectural feature, a flat, rounded, form, for either small garden or container.

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6 ft


6 ft

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Ginkgo biloba 'Mariken' Characteristics


  • Container
  • Landscapes


  • Sun Tolerant