Rosmarinus officinalis 'Upright'


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  • Type: Annual       

  • Soil: Average, well-drained.

  • Useful Parts: Leaves.

  • Growth Habit: A vigorous grower with thick, sturdy, dark green needle-like foliage. Even better then Barbeque variety for skewers. Upright form with blue flowers.

  • Harvest Method: Picked fresh at any time; for drying, pick branches before the plant goes into flowering.

  • Handling: Hang branches for drying in a shady, airy place, when dry, strip leaves from the stalks, crumbling them, and store in air tight containers, for freezing, strip leaves and place in freezer in ice cube trays with water; sprays can be wrapped in foil and frozen for several weeks.

  • Uses: Helps the digestion of rich starchy food; flavors lamb, beef, veal, pork, rabbit, goose, duck, sometimes chicken; used in liver pate and pasta sauces; goes well with eggplant, lima beans, zucchini, Brussels sprouts and cabbage; believed to stimulate the memory; tea is good for headaches; aids in digestion; said to strengthen sight; in shampoo and hair tonics it revitalizes the scalp, prevents dandruff and encourages new and healthy hair growth; good way to start the day in a morning bath.



24-36 in


24 in

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Upright' Characteristics


  • Ground Cover
  • Evergreen
  • Fragrant

Critter Resistance

  • Deer Resistant
  • Rabbit Resistant


  • Sun Tolerant

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Medium

Soil Moisture Needs

  • Dry
  • Average